Dear My Friend

Written by: Faustine Alodia

Dear my friend,
I'll always be with you
No matter it is day or night
I'll protect you from any fiend
For you are my special friend

Dear my friend,
Though we'll be apart in the future
Believe me, you are always in my heart
Though we'll not be together anymore
Believe me, you are still my special friend

Dear my friend,
How I long I can be by your side
In your good and bad times
How I long for the time to turn back
In order for us to be together, now

Dear my friend,
I wish you health all-year round
I wish you blessings every month
I wish you bliss 24 hours a day
I wish you happiness once an hour
I wish you eternal love every minute
I wish you sincere heart every single second
I wish you never-ending memories of our friendship for a lifetime

Dear my friend,
You are my special one
You are my twin soul
You are my synonym
You are my light
You are...the best of best friends