Written by: jeffry cohan

           VIET BOMB

I recall when time, to me, mattered not
All I did was follow a predestined plot
suddenly my world became acrid and tart
Because then came a wicked war in which I took part

Eyes beware, and take care my dear friend
Or this could mean your life’s tragic end
In every tree there may be a well aimed sniper
And then it’s time for a soldier to  pay the piper

The country we fought was another people’s birthright
And yet we were taught to hate, harm and how to fight
A battle until death be our enemy’s unjust end
But what did we go there for us to actually defend?

Our defense was offensive to my salient soul
While bloodshed was our sole and only goal
Who were we to say what another country needs, 
Because blood is that which a foolish battle breeds

And then those of us who perished not came home
Some never to speak of war and others to write a tome
The only country our soldiers should defend is our very own
And now the time when time mattered not is to me unknown
    © 2011.….Poefree

Author’s note:  I never went to Nam but Ronnie Manerva did and was spat upon when 
he returned…….This poem is for you Ronnie and every brave hero who fought a losing 
battle and may you and them forget being rewarded for doing your duty with saliva 
and glaring stares!