Political Poetry Solutions are usually all wet

Written by: Donald Meikle

I guess it's time for me to say to all America.
We are in debt and it is time to cut spending.
This does not mean it is time to argue how.
What it means is We Need to decide what percentage we cut.
Almost 2% is ridiculous and yet you argue over it incessantly..

Let me simplify your problem for you
Cut every check paid out including all salaries and benefits for EVERYONE
You have managed to put everyone in debt and EVERYONE OF US OWES
Pick a percentage of cut (I would suggest 25%)
And yes I mean every check to every part of government including Social Security Checks.   
You have put them in debt too
Make everyone    pay by reducing their money by the same percentage as everyone else.
Then the enormity of your crime will be exposed for what it is
and we all must pay our share of your debt