My verse, her heart

Written by: Edward Orozco

I dont know what i feel when you hold my hand, still i love it
There is a dream in your eyes that i want to see become real
I cant promise you a perfect world, nor a perfect verse, but my heart
Waves of color come splashing upon your canvas, paint then to us
Let my words be the guide of your heart, as your eyes are for me
The past scenes leave me, slowly they become nothing, tomorrow it's you and me
Let us discover the true meaning of love, and what it is to be in joy
Your curly hair smells like roses, and the way it feels makes me dream
When you near me, my heart races, and i cant help it but to stutter
Please mind me not, it's a part of me i cant control
Your beauty is enchanting, and i slowly loose my self yet again in hope
you are a beautiful woman, one that has goals and interest of a better scene
Speaking your mind entirely, i know i  can learn how to love
I promise you yesterday will never be again for me, today and forward i am free
Eager to know more about the wonderful person that you are, please let me
Let my voice enter your heart, and yours has entered me
You are truy amazing, let us then hold eachother as we enter tomorrow

To you: Vanessa