Delicious Broth

Written by: Wiseton Prins

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~
Dedicated to all my Friends at Poetry Soup
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~

I just took some time today
To truly get to know my new friends a tad better
Never had I realised how truly lucky I am
To be a green shoot in the middle of such beautiful trees

How grateful I am
That your gentle shadow protects me from the harsh sun
How sure I am
That the words I hear from your mind
Are in fact sentiments from the heart
In each poem I see a smile
That comes from experience of knowing much about life
How humbling it indeed feels
To realise that I am yet to live
For my life has only begun
And since you can already see my work’s worth
I set my heart in position for the most fulfilling lessons I will ever learn in life
Your very existence on my web page
Gives me so much hope and confidence in being all I can be
And I appreciate how lucky I am
To at this early age know exactly where I want to head
How I wish you could really feel the intensity of the thanks I send forth to you
Thank you for being you
And thank you for showing me without your knowing it
That I too can be me
Now I am more determined than ever really be me