it's not EZ to convince an angel I don't only WRITE about dope and death

Written by: jeffry cohan


Here I go again but the tune this time seems wrong 
There we go again but singing an oddly different song
Last time we said goodbye somehow we both knew
We knew to stay apart but then our smiles would accrue

I would laugh and she would giggle just like a kid
But we both knew what loving each other the last time did
What was done was done but sworn to soon return
Alas, although it always went wrong we’d never learn

She would cry and I would wipe her tears
She heard the roaring crowd and I their cheers
People who knew us wanted us to stay as one 
And so a repetitious tale was thusly and quickly spun

We never talked of marriage or matching wedding rings
Because both of us knew what love sometimes brings
It can deliver one to Heaven or cast one off to Hell
And that repetitious tale was one I’d often tell

Today I know not where she lives or what she does
I just lay awake some nights remembering what once was
The only consolation is hoping love again would start
But both of us knew we were much better far apart
     © 2011.….Poefree