lost love

Written by: ian schnitzler

last night was the hardest night of my life. 
its over
i told her i could take no more 
i told her i cant keep getting hurt by her
but now i think im hurt more then ever 
depression is moving its way in to my body
making my body weak  
leaving an empty feeling like somethings missing 
i feel so alone  
falling into temptation of asking her to be mine once again 
but resisting the thought of being broken again 
i miss her i wont lie 
3 years together 
wanting her back so bad 
missing kissing her 
the touch of her skin 
the smell of her perfume 
the sound of her voice 
the smile on her face when she sees me 
happiness ceases to exist  in the dictionary inside of my head 
flipping through every page looking for that bit of hope but all i find is the word love scribbled out  
feeling that the only way to be happy is to be with her 
but knowing if i get back with her she will just poison me with her lies 
even though she is 5 feet away from me 
it feels like we are miles apart