is there a PERIOD at the end of her SENTENCE or is her SENTENCE a PERIOD which never ENDS

Written by: jeffry cohan

Does the dove coo because he’s free,
Or is he weeping only for me?
What am I going to do when boulders fall?
And as for doves those huge rocks will kill them all

Does your kitten mew because of you,
Or is he just meowing to express what he wants you to do?
Perhaps his purring is a sign as to why the doves weep
And in the kitty’s purr could  be the secrets you keep

Well as for secrecy I can tell you one thing for sure
I am impractical, impotent, immature and impure
You yearn for your kitten to sit upon your lap and grant you peace
While I’m outside searching for dope to stop the chanting in my head that won’t 

Someone unknown to me chants psychically and somehow reaches me
Unfortunately his good advice on avarice and life never teaches me
So I stroll down a darkened street at midnight knowing a junkie’s life ain’t pretty
And whether strolling or stagnant while seeking solace I’m always thinking of you 
and your little kitty
But when push finally comes to an addict’s shove 
I wonder why the sky is no longer granted that dove
    © 2011.…Poefree