My Long Goodbye to Mama

Written by: Lucinda Schaffner

She sits alone, staring at something...or nothing
Hands folded, head bent, lost in a place I’m unable to find
I search for her, she is my mother, I am her daughter
We two, once close, her mind now distant

I ask, “Mama, are you sad?  Mama, are you in pain?”
Silence, the response…Mama sits silently, as if invisible
Occasionally, a flicker of life, a thought, a smile, 
Perhaps a glimmer, of times past

Unable to get in and out of her bed 
Her friend, the ‘apparatus’, does this for her
Staring out the window, seasons changing 
Mama, like the seasons, a participant in life’s process

Once, vibrant & beautiful, gliding across the dance floor 
My father, leading their steps in perfect rhythm to the music
Mama’s head, slightly tilted, long hair flowing, 
Laughing, as the music brought them round & round

Her young vibrant life, now aged, with a beautiful lonely peace
Accepting what was… and what is
I miss you Mama.  I love you!

See you in Heaven!