i found HOPE and Charity in the mall but if you see FAITH tell her to call please

Written by: jeffry cohan


It was a very slow progression
But a very long depression
I’d try to say the words she needed to hear
While I watched temptation as it grew near

Her laughter was my playground and play we did
I was out seeking her while my little girl  hid
She used to get angry when I wouldn’t play house
And then there was “Tiny, her tiny pet mouse

Her friends would sleep over and have a pillow fight
I’d be sitting in the living room hearing screams of delight
She was little and loved pancakes with peaches and cream
But now her childhood seems to me only a very short dream

She met Billy and he stole away all of my hope
He got her to follow as he started shooting dope
I watched a free little girl turn into another man’s slave
And that’s why I’m kneeling now at my young daughter’s grave
   (© 2011.….Poefree