El poeta

Written by: Edward Orozco

I once used to pen from my heart, beautiful verses they were
Then my heart i no longer knew, my verses reflected the rival that kept me alive
I lived without it, it held my gift, my pen
The lights were on, no one was home, still i smiled and got by
Past days have brought me closer the person i was always afraid to know
I was scared to know him, his verse is so beautiful, it binds the mind with the heart
The tone of his voice makes images take to life within minds
He has always been with me, why did i deny him for so long
Today is so new, and so is the gift to come, my present
I know him now, his eyes are made of broken stars that feed on dreams
His voice is truly enchanting, he is a poet, his verse shakes my spirit
He holds my heart, slowly they both come to me in aid
I could never run away from them, for that poet i speak of is me
I am the verse that shakes souls, the verse that makes minds imagine dreams to be
Let the old days hold back the memories when i knew him not
I am eduardo, and the poet inside me is eddie together we are edward
From here and on i hold my pen, and my heart is with me once again
The battle is over between us, i love myself again