i love my family

Written by: duncan ceizar chappell

i love my family 

whispering winds that dance upon the RI DE janeiro shores 
forever more 

looking at the times we had 
such love we show in our eyes to each other my ceizar 

when you dance the samba to me i become so happy love shows in my heart 
for you forever my ceizar 

to be someone that for 15 years never new love 

now the angels above have sent me my ceizar of love a beautiful gift from 
the gods above she shows me such sweet love in my heart that crys beautiful 
tears from my eyes 

as we dance upon the clouds above so soft 
so white 
so forever love 

see the beautiful white doves chanting love 

the gardens of love 
your garden so pure so wonderful so lush in passion 
raw emotions for me to feel 

our children so happy so crazy like the dancing Daisy's in the garden 

they make me laugh 

its so nice to have a family to care for each day each night 
forever in my life 

but more then ever i love you all forever 

Duncan loves his family forever my ceizar