My Familiar Bed

Written by: Wiseton Prins

Oh, dear bed
How glad I am to see you again
A long day it has indeed been
Since I left your comfort in the morning
Well, if you wish to know
Some dreams have turned real
Some haven’t, but I still trust that they will

Oh, dear bed
 You are my truest beloved
My happy moments you always know
My saddest moments you let me soak in your pillow
My loveliest moments you confidentially behold
While resting on you I envision the tomorrow I wish and desire
While sleeping in you I get visions of the probabilities ahead

Oh, dear bed
You surely are many things good to me
But above all 
You are my truest friend
You always calm me back to my senses
And you always raise up to my opportunities
What else of a loyal friend like you could I ever ask