ChristoWarner dot com

Written by: Christo Warner

For diverse ranged interests, in prose and paint, speech annoted by body, frisbee 
aflight or as busking bowl.

Writing poetry, sitting or standing, thought on title, concept craving to be told, 
calligraphy ink to unlined leaf.
and art- always. Lines interlace, texturising a touch of plain or molten formscapes, 
storylike images arrange.
Documentaries that ask questions of the public passing, asking arrays of ideals of 
environment plus humanity.
Enter a range of such work, eventual experimental audio- 3cds of, words and 
whatnot wrangling for groove.
Proposing and applying projects- solo and with teams, arty, musical, mentally 
stimulating, and free camping.
Long term future enquiery, the plan to transition from capitalism into charity as our 
operating infrastructure.

Laden with hundreds of original unconventional Poetry Scripts and Video 
Performances, unseen Visual Art, experimental Audio Art, MASSdebating 
Documentaries, Charity Project ideas and completed mission pix.

ChristoWarner dot com is the title of this fairly unassuming prose, it is surely poetry 
with a message- which is to experience titles including: Mars Is My Neighbour, 
Jumping Goat Fish, Sway Away Star Tree, Dehydrated Orange Flakes, Perfectly 
Plausable, Why They Sold N.A.S.A., Oil And Salt, Gumby, Last Of Its Kind, and a great 
many more.