Here Kitty Kitty

Written by: Larry Belt

I can't help myself, it's what I do
I'm just so addicted to the trade
I was too dang scared to steal the dog
'Cause of all the noise he made

You can see that I'm a cat burglar
By the mask and kitty in my paws
It's not like I stole your jewlery box
So I'm really not breaking any laws

See, I was only gonna borrow him
There's no need to sound the alarm
I needed this varmint to scratch my back
I didn't mean the little fella any harm

Now wait just a minute, don't call the cops
You caught me red handed with the critter
I'll give him back, 'cause he smells like poo
So you probably need to change the kitty litter

For Francine's Contest "Tell me about it"