Blind Side II - The Veja Du

Written by: dave archuletta

 …Previous to viewed enlightenment, it was his adoption social studies that 
analytically suggested that this “openness” failure with an unheard congruence of 
single lives would increase each burden to-fold. Yet, only the truly broken hearted 
with an ever deepening sense of a mother’s regret would indeed, endure potential 
happiness instead turn to become added weight to loneliness. 
This was an extra load carried by his mother and obviously based on guilt. Yet, 
through the years he unknowingly turned blindly to this; obviously having thoughts 
that she and the many like her, never had enough hurt to make him realize one 
major factor: The swaying of a young mother’s mind to agree to the foreseen 
benefits of an Open Adoption could’ve led any one of them to find comfort in the 
knowing of a child’s presented future destiny… 
Yet, this wasn’t the way her life ended. However, it had ended with no contact and 
no photograph!
    To edify such, of the few times she spoke to other people concerning the Open 
Adoption, in her voice there always maintained a high level of self-doubting 
inflection. This was a conscience still ensconced at the summit of its grief; there 
would never be a fulfillment of her self-sacrificing penance.
   In stark, contrasting analogy of her coercion, was that he too, had since found 
himself on same like hilltop. Only this place was real, in overlook and on earth. A 
place of anomaly, one that evokes true ironies, where metaphors in life’s journey’s 
reflections do view from both sides …, but sometimes, - will stop you cold! It could 
be a life changing experience…