Forgotten Words

Written by: louzana nubani

Is it so hard?
Is it that tough?
To love someone and say you love them 
Or are just kisses enough 
Are just actions simply understood?
But actions need words
And words need actions
And without each other
Love is never reached
Emotion is never granted
Feelings are never to be felt
But hurt and tears are to be spread
To love someone 
To know he loves you back
To say you love him
But with none of words he says to you
How can I feel? 
How can I assure love?
How can I live, with someone?
Unable to pronounce the simple letters
Or his carelessness simply allowed him 
To forget…
So be it 
I’m not gonna pronounce the simple words
I’m not gonna share the hidden passion 
I’m not gonna live a wordless love
I’m just gonna stand there and watch you sink in your carelessness
Search for a person, who would accept a person like you
I’m just gonna pretend you never even loved me
You wordless piece of carelessness! 
When I love someone
I say it with all my heart “I love you”
I show it with all my actions “I love you”
My problem is in being loyal 
I trust too much, I love too well
Maybe its time
No one arrived, I’m starting to grow 
Starting to realize
There is none to be loved 
There is no love to be honored
But sadness and hurt will hunt you down