Written by: carey sokolowski

Heartbreaks, will they ever go away?Heartbreaks will they ever heal ? Well this one 
doesn't look like it . I keep crying myself to sleep everynight wondering what happened 
to us ? Wondering if you will ever return from this absence but I m starting to think 
maybe you 're not coming back and it kills me inside . I tried contacting you and recieved 
nothing in return no sign of you anywhere. wondering if you still exist my dear friend 
Joanna Smith. If not this poem and the other one I just posted is for you . Just 
remember you are a rose and a gem in disguise . If you are out there somewhere and 
you hear my cry please try to realize only you and no one else could heal my broken 
heart . so without further do while I m in tears I will think of you and the memories we 
had together.since I m starting to think and believe that you totally forgot about my