Missing you

Written by: carey sokolowski

Missing you is like loosing my life to my emotions. Missing you is a matter of loosing my 
best friend and wondering where you are in the world and how are you doing? missing 
you is being concerned about this relationship one minute you 're  here and the next 
you're gone . it is like you vanished off the place of the planet and I don't know what to 
do . I feel betrayed and saddened by your abscence. I still wish you were here with me 
but maybe it wasn't meant to happen that way. I have done everything I could to try 
and find you . I m giving up officially and I hope you find this my dear friend who now 
resides in Tennessee but is from Ohio. The girl knows who I m referring to and I hope 
she reads this eventually, because Heartbreak is a deadly disease that sometimes can 
not heal totally . I am heartbroken because you are gone and it doesn't look like you 
are coming back.