Roadmap to Love

Written by: Michael Todd

For many months
and many days
I’ve been waiting,
	been watching
until the time
when you’ll share
	all of yourself
	with me.

I try to remain calm
	to retain composure
while sitting, standing or lying
	next to you,
but it gets harder
rather than easier – 
	each hour,
	each minute.

And I past the time away
by roaming over the safely accessible
parts of your body,
hoping to rebuild your confidence,
		to reaffirm that you’re
		wanted and desirable,
and at the same time
I’m making a roadmap
so I’ll know where to love you
		and how to get there.

Of course, no roadmap shows everything
for there are always places
untraveled and unmarked
needing to be explored
by some bold adventurer.

My roadmap to love
will never be completed
because even after I journey
	through and into
your most hidden areas,
there will still be more curves
just ahead
	over the next thigh,
	after your next sigh
around the other shoulder
atop the fullness of your belly.

I never plan to finish this map of you
as I know some secrets will always remain,
but with your love and caring for fuel,
	my journey with you
and my love for you
shall continue undaunted.