Anchors Away

Written by: Michael Todd

After sailing for some time now
	I’m ready to stop
			and drop
	an anchor for a while,
	to come in from the sea
	which has only grown colder
			over the years.

But, alas, I’ve no anchor
	and as I’m the ship
	I must continue my trek
	through man’s ocean of life.

Only a short while ago
	you were my anchor,
			my savior,
	you suspended my endless journey
	from one port of life to another.

Now again you are gone
	and I’m adrift
		once more,
	not knowing for sure
		if someone else
	will try to anchor me
		beyond the horizon,
		behind the next wave.

I need you desperately
	for sea and sailing
	are tired of me.

You were the anchor of my ship,
		the basis of my life
	and the desire to rise each morning.

Please end my journey for love,
	throw me your love line
	and tether me into love’s port of call.