Learning from The Eagle

Written by: Wiseton Prins

There is a reason as to why the eagle of king of all birds
It may be because he is the wisest of them all
For when the storms of life come
He merely spreads his wings 
And uses the energy of the destructive winds
...to effortlessly lift him up, higher and higher above it all
Where he hovers on calm and unperturbed
As all the birds below get drenched on their trees

One thing that one has to appreciate of the eagle
Is that it clearly fathoms its worth
For it lives on the highest tree on the tallest peak
Not down below like the chicken does
The chicken too does have its worth
...but it’s usually that which the owner sets on it
Whereas the eagle determines its own
And is bound by no variable except those it sets on itself

Two lessons thus arise
Always be wise enough to use the stormy winds of trouble
...directed your way with malicious intents or just by fate
	...to lift you even higher up to calmer levels
When all about you are losing their heads
Be sure to keep yours in check
When all about you are busy trying to outdo others in lashing tongues
...find yourself a beach and write down your slander, anger and curses in the sand
But never express them with your tongue
You will never be sorry for that which you didn’t say

Wise people see through life
...they see through today and into tomorrow
Do not look at your problems with a magnifying glass
...but with a powerful binoculars that sees far beyond
	...into the dreams and visions that are tomorrow bound to be
For the bottom line is
...we were born to live
	...and to live means being happy, always

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~
Dedicated to my dear friend Andrea
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~