painful end

Written by: charmane bellen

lovely as the butterfly grows
over the vast field there she goes,
vibrant and beautiful striding with glee
inside out looking great, a victorious to be
now she's inlove as cupid shot her with his arrow
endless happiness with her man, like there's  no tomorrow.

raven's the name,  she's depressed, forgetting is so hard
playing with her pistol in the middle of the graveyard
recalling the past asking the dead what it feels inside the grave
in summer heat in winter cold lying alone left out, without the brave
nor the spirit of letting go, the anger, the sadness suppress together with the dead
gone forever, forgotten, forsaken entombed like there's no one remembered.

abandoned by her beloved, sparkling eyes there's no more
the sweetness of her face, now pale and  like a hardcore
beauty fades as emotions left the soul, numbed her heart, no one dare to touch
even magic can't do no more, she's falling no one's there to catch
tired of this grief, tired of thinking of her deceitful prince
taking her own life is the only way she could rinse.

now she's crying tears like rain
where are you to mend her pain
no more smile that turn anyone upside down.
only heartaches, only turmoils was left to frown
never a second thought, aim the gun in her head and 
bang! a loud sound echoed in the graveyard and her life's end.