Respect Your President

Written by: Cherie Durbin

"Respect Your President" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the 

Respect your president,
Respect your president.
He's the leader of your country-
And that's quite an accomplishment!

Bonus activity: Explain to children that, should they ever meet the president, they 
should respectfully address him as Mr. President. Teach children some of the 
important duties our president has-commanding the armed forces, urging Congress 
to pass laws and being a role model for the people. Explain that it takes months 
(even years) of campaigning followed with a vote by the electoral college to get 
elected to the presidency.

Note: Although this bonus activity refers to the Presidency of the United States of 
America, it can be easily adapted for other countries. What responsibilities does 
your president have?