The historic tracks had marked the scars on my back. Shots, cuts and chops, I can 
remember that, society, families, friends and girls were also the cause of that. 
School I once loved so much, but was deprived of that. Everything I tried couldn’t be 
attached. Books, pencils, pens never seem to work, except the eraser, which always 
left a trace or scratch. Trails I’ve observed to create the best tracks. Those had 
passed and surrendered left trails and tracks. 
The unnecessary noise: talking, screaming, banging, tapping, shuffling & quaking. All 
have helped to mould me from an infant through various cracks. Thieving, fighting, 
stabbing, shooting and darkness, then I was carved through the system of traps. 
Then I had to grip and erase the illustration of optimism that was an embryo in my 
I worked: not paid; I begged: I’m ignored; I told the truth: I’m beaten; I screamed: 
I’m told to shut up.
I’ve been boxed, kicked and thumped. Beaten with electric wire, extension cord, 
board, hose and you can name more. I became ruff and tuff, not afraid of the 
darkness any more or anything outdoor. These had stimulated the momentum to do 
the best to stay ahead of the rest.

The light I’ve stayed away from has become the crapping killers’ approaches, 
encamping through my tracks to my place of comfort.

No questions asked, but, crickets stopped
Guns start to bark, shots approaching fast.
Lives about to last/pass
Blazing light forms flashing so fast, clapping every part of the walls, chipping off the 
concrete, tearing and bursting skins, blood decorating near and far
Full blast, greeting and kissing strangers from here and there, whatever it comes 
Lights around reminded me of Christmas and New Years Eve coming to pass.
As I see enemies and friends from present and past, their silhouette disappearing 
so fast. Here I have to try my best not to be associated with those negativities near 
nor past.
Pressure is escalating, heart beat racing rapidly, gapping for mental control. This is 
what society and politics had designed for me, but I must take some of these 
negative advocates that want to maneuver me, to ensure a world of prosperity, 
especially to those who truly understand the traps that are still enslaving us.

(Fading) I’m sure that someone is already traveling on a similar trail that will lead 
them to these tracks which were my only tracks of trails