* Big words *
Big words, big words
From I born I can’t spell
Mi get pencil, coal, and even chalk as well
Mi try to pronounce the words even though me couldn’t spell
Mi try to write them but mi did better off drawing dem instead

Big words, big words
From I born I can’t spell
Mi try me best with the words them; down to me head start swell
Mi couldn’t understand why it so hard to spell
Mi can paint and draw but I just couldn’t spell

Big words, big words
Mi get lick till me skin start swell
Mi think it was wise, so me run way instead
Mi go stay wid mi cousins and friends them
Mi up and down all bout pan di street dem, 
No wanda we couldn’t spell

(Crying sound)
And then mi friends dem start dead
Who no go a jail; end up in a prison instead
Mi couldn’t help dem 
And mi still couldn’t spell
So mi go back home instead
Mi get pencil, paper
Mi write, mi draw, , mi concentrate, mi focus, mi say it piece by piece, and mi do it 
continuously and mi pray, and mi pray and mi pray

Big words, big words
Cat, rat, mat, fat, Sat
Mi couldn’t believe a dem ya words mi couldn’t spell - (softly) even though you still 
have some, wa me still can’t spell
But mi na go give up - you mad - me a go back to the books dem
So mi can learn to read, write and spell

Big words