Written by: Annalee Pierce

Sapphire silk scarves
Soft white cotton sheets
The best piece of chocolate you ever did eat
The sweetest scent of
Lavender, or
Two weeks at the beach
A nap with your 
Kissed by salty sea air
Wind blowing wildly, tossing lion mane hair

Curled up with a quilt
On a wet, 
Winter-spun day
Caught up in a dream that carries you
Far away
A violin trilling serenades you to sleep
Treble-tousled lullabies
Take you to
Fluffy, frothy skies
Clouds dancing in the sun that you wish
You could keep

Spending hours on end with 
Somebody you
Celebrating Un-birthdays on account 
Of just because
Stars cling to the night like the blush
That hugs your cheeks
The guitar you strum softly is the sole 
Companion that you need
His meek friend the mandolin
Puts the beat into
Your blood and the lyric in your

So rub your eyes, weary souls
Come and shed all of 
Your tears
Drop every heartache in the ocean
And erase all of your 
This place was built to calm you
Entirely to soothe
To cradle you in the arms of a world
That's really not so huge