Swing Gone Kaput

Written by: Wiseton Prins

The first time we saw each other
Comets collided in the heavens above
For all we felt was just fireworks
Beautiful as only two hearts could be when they explode
She desired me with all she had
I wanted to put a ring on her finger with all my heart

From the moment we first held hands and said hi
To the moment she said ‘I do’ and changed her last name to mine
Paradise was the only address we would be found
However, as soon as we woke up to the reality that...
To each other we now belonged
A feeling of imprisonment begun clouding our life

The candle lit dinners and late night movies... kaput
The friends we trusted and cherished... kaput
The love that once filled our hearts... kaput
The home that was once a beautiful haven of love... kaput
Papers were served and signed every which way... happiness went kaput
All because of a one night swing that shouldn’t have been... marriage’s now kaput

~~~	~~~	~~~
NOTE: This is just a fictitious sequel to the poem ‘Swung Swinging’ which I posted on 
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