So, You Want to Be a Writer

Written by: Cherie Durbin

"So, You Want to Be a Writer?" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "Oh, My 
Darling Clementine".

So, you want to be a writer
But you're not sure where to start?
Grab a pencil and some paper
And write down what's in your heart!

Bonus activity: Explain to children what that "inner voice" is...that voice that says 
things like "Mom's gonna' be so mad when she sees this report card!" or "I'll be so 
disappointed if I don't win the spelling bee." The inner voice is pure and 
unedited...all you need to do is capture it and write it down. Give children a pencil 
and some paper and have them go someplace quiet (their room, the backyard, the 
library). Instruct them to listen to that inner voice and simply write down what it 
says. When they are finished, tell children they've made a journal entry and that 
journal entries can be highly prized. Many authors publish their journal entries. 
Journal entries should be saved, as they can later be turned into poems or stories, 
like "D-Day: The Day I Brought Home My Fourth Grade Report Card".