Written by: Jodan Camacho

There’s a simple thing i know,.
My love for you.,
I’m just  a man with a sword in a  right hand,..
I understand   why you don’t believe me.,.
I’m honest.,I’m stranger.,,
Appear when you feel loneliness,.,
Maybe the time can explained.
And now i will straight to you.
That friendship grow  and gets deeper to me,.,
I know i can’t take this  anymore.,,
But  the time came .,, i know  what this feeling  for,.,
To die for you.,
To die for your god.,
To live  for  you,
To cherish you.,.
 To love you forever,
Many  times we spend together.,,
But i have enough strength to tell you that i love you,
Everyday ,., every time .,.I'm thinking of you.,.
And now your too far,.
I miss your smile,. 
I miss you.,