Snowberry tear

Written by: Celene Crescent

Snow falls down brushin pine trees,rain of ice build cold 
towers,pyramid peaks reach up high,Winter sky.Fingertips 
mold his face through the mist on my window,Scarlet petals 
spray perfume on thick shattered glass.Broken leaves leap and 
linger in green meadows of the past.On a frosty mirrored 
morning,logs on fire burn no flame,in the stillness twigs of the 
heart.Dried December berries,without any kisses,get carried, in 
a farmer's worn out cart.The wild wind blows and rustles once 
again,dewdrop stones engrave a snowman's cheek,another 
dawn, awaits the blissful Sunshine,to play music on gold harp 
strings,to melt freezing tears into glitterin streams of dreams