Kaleidoscopic Dreams

Written by: Wiseton Prins

Today there was no electricity
So I slept off the day
Most of the nights past had been so long

Soon it was as usual
Went into my past
It wasn’t as enticing
Still a lot of mediocrity
Met a few friends 
Still as they were when I left

Soon I found myself with someone I love so much
Still as pessimistic and unhappy as she has always been
God, thanks I still have some self esteem
For the past I had was tailored to make me believe
...that there was nothing I could achieve

Soon I realised a dream
I was in a media house feeling so ecstatic
But something interrupted the TV
It appeared as though it was a coup from the 60’s
The broadcast was shut
Then on the screen I saw three earthquakes or volcanoes
Couldn’t really tell what coz the map was geographic
The three volcanoes or earthquakes were due to hit my country
One around Lake Turkana the other two down in the Coast
Somewhere in the Indian Ocean
I know not what to make of that dream

Then I was somewhere in Iowa or Ohio
Couldn’t tell where of the two it really was
In a state that had a railway station, a factory and only three residents
Wondered how they got along

Soon I was in another county in the 1880’s
Here I met a lovely family of many
They were struggling just to get by
And there was a young man just my age
You could see in his face that he was a dreamer
And for sure he dreamt big
The strong sugarless tea and crusty bread
...couldn’t work for him anymore
In his soft voice I had strong resolve
He was gonna go and build his home stark in the middle of his dreams
And before I could see the intensity in his eyes
He was gone
His former home didn’t even miss him

As I rubbed off my eyes to wake up at five
His is the first dream that came to mind
And yes, as sure as I was he would succeed 
So shall I