From Eyes end to Eyes end

Written by: Wiseton Prins

I look up to the blue sky
It looks a lot better with the white clouds in it
And as I admire it a bird flies by
Here I stand on the balcony that I yesterday wished to be 
And the view couldn’t be more enthralling 
Below my view the aluminium iron sheets shine bright
How I hope those who live in them too do lead bright lives

Over ahead and above all the pessimistic chatter below
Is the view so impeccable
Mother Nature has painted the farthest hills and mountains into different shades of 
Something that even the greatest artists would struggle to accurately do
The horizon harmoniously blends in a seamless stretch
From neck’s stretch to neck’s stretch... from eyes’ end to eyes’ end
It’s all so impeccably beautiful
And to think that I am a part of it 
Fills my heart with cool, reassuring breeze