The Librarian

Written by: Wiseton Prins

There is a fine lady I know
A librarian by profession 
She loves her work so
And in it she pours her all
Any book you want
She knows exactly where it is to be found
Every subject you wish to know
She knows where the library shelves it all

A fine lady she really is
And I adore her so
In fact I envy her a lot
For if I were her, the library would be my home
Of its knowledge that interested me
I would pour deep into my soul
Every evening I’m the last to leave
And she always comes to me with a warm smile
Telling me, ‘Prins its time to leave’
Sometimes it’s she and I side by side
As we walk beneath the yellow street lights
How I wish we walked hand in hand
For there’s a fancy dance she brings to my heart

However, of all my adoration for her
There’s still one thing she lacks
She isn’t interested in the treasure her library keeps
Always busy doing something and nothing
To her it’s just another ordinary job
One whose pay she needs
If only she knew how much more it would pay
If also she sought to tap into the wealth of its keep

Makes me see just how most of us live
Like her in the library of life
Many lessons around us
Of how we would improve our life in any way we wanted
But naah... always too busy doing something and nothing
Tomorrow sunset beautifully graces our lives
Then all over a sudden haste and regret piles
We want to do it all and save the most for the golden days
Our energy is drained by regret for having overlooked it all yesterday
When life was still a smooth flow and a jolly haze

Having been fortunate to see that it is so
I will commit my efforts to learn
And of it all the greatest lesson I have thus far learnt
Is that for my sunset days to be worth its gold
A day at a time... a dime at a time
I must today save... and that goes for all today’s