Written by: Carol Zic

How come I never looked like Hot Stuff in a sundress?
My sundresses by comparison look anemic and shapeless
My figure is not what it used to be (it is hopeless)
It’s fallen down, spread out and looks a trifle excessive
Hot Stuff’s figure is lush, provocative and caressive
Her sundress is stylish, vivid and really expensive
My secondhand garb lacks style and are oppressive
Maybe a sundress worn at seventy-five is not impressive 
Whereas, Hot Stuff’s body and dress are “in your face” aggressive
Am I too hard on myself, too critical and depressive?
Let’s face it; I’ll never look like Hot Stuff in a sundress
Just thinking about it makes me manic-depressive
Hot Stuff’s look is suggestive and expressive
Whereas mine is age-regressive and inexpressive
I never looked like Hot Stuff in retrospect
Yet we all have “our day” in one way or another, I suspect
I had mine so it’s time to step back and reflect
(Kindly!) on our replacements without resentment
Wishing them splendor in the sun without impediment.

“The Sundress”
Carol Zic