Written by: Karis Watie

I found a boy where I left myself
he was looking for me
like he had for centuries

i found a boy with eyes like the sun
he looked at me 
and instantly knew my past

i found a boy who dosent mind my defects
he likes the fact that sometimes fairytales are just make believe
and he wants me in his.

i found a boy where i least expected
he has been in love with me for as long as he can remember
and he waited patiently for me to find him

i found another part of me 
in a boy 
i found in a place where
i left all that i was
and commenced to
the girl this boy.....
looks at with such wonder
stares at with  much delight
forgives constantly
holds tightly
cherishes daily
loves unconditionally

i found the boy 
who brought me back to life
and pledged to make me the
biggest part of his.