The true happiness my heart needs

Written by: Wiseton Prins

Today I managed to sneak into the realm of time
Twenty years ahead to the dream I hoped to realise
And yes, it really did come to life
 	~~~ 	~~~	~~~
I look up at the wall for the signs I hung
When I was merely twenty four
Now here I am, forty four and living it all

The first sign I put up twenty years ago said
‘Day by day in every way, I am becoming more and more successful’
In the reality of these times that statement couldn’t be truer
I have it all!
If you want to know it’s true, just look beneath my soles
My floor is made of gold!

I look up at the other marble wall
In the ruby frame are the words laced in crystals
That ‘Every moment that lapses, gets me a step closer to my dreams’
Wow, what I a visionary I had been
For yes, here I stand
Three hundred and thirty three storeys above the ground
I’m so high up I can wave and say hi to the angels on heaven’s doors
I truly was an eagle after all and I’ve found my nest above it all
The clouds below are so beautiful
And the air hostesses wink at me as the plane zooms by
And yes, I can  see the world is really round

I look up to the other wall, and next to its titanium beam I see
The sign I put up twenty years back when I didn’t have money to even buy anything 
It said then as it proclaims now...
‘We think and talk only of prosperity here’
That couldn’t be made clearer than by this reality here
Prosperity in all I see and feel
The banks I own have trouble storing all my gold
And their computers have trouble controlling the trail of zeroes behind the digits of 
my money

Wow! It’s all so nice
But I’m still lonely
What is it worth... all these here to have is there’s no smile to warm my heart
I can have everything I want but a sincere soul to call mate
How I wish for some pretty angel to love me

Man, I have to go back fast, twenty years in history when all this was still a 
dreamer’s story
Back then when I could strum it on a guitar hoping to be swayed by a darling who 
read my poems
I have to go back fast, to set it all right
For now I know this will all come to pass
But it won’t be worth its touch without a family to fill my heart with love and pride
Let me go twenty years back in time,
And pray for fate to help me find, the true wealth my soul seeks
The true happiness my heart needs