Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

  'Gari', yes 'gari' with deluge of sulphuric mixture,
  It’s creamy without injecting cream, cow’s advice,
  O! Blazing dust of gold, erupting particles of diamond
  Snowy cubes of crystalline filled whole,
  Usurp the trap of hunger and rape my being
  Tell the elephant to stand clear of the looming self,
  When concrete dump is in the belly of 'eki,'[apetite]
  The larger than alive appetite.
  For ages hunger enjoyed ally with man,
  Cassava came in his entirety independence,
  Man laid all his woes in the Messiah’s laps,
  The load became tones, tumble to the later ,
  Turning 'ege', [Cassava] into rooting jewel that world
   sought after.

  {Gari is local processed granulated cassava}