Initial Impression of Art Exhibition

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

  I ogled through the open Atelier,
  And chance into a spacious grotto,
  Wanting to carry out an exploration of voodoo kingdom,
  I made a pact with my kinetic limbs,
  On they ride and halt at interval
  Introducing to the eccentric phantasmagoria sheen;
  The jaunty strokes dance on sheet nondescript,
  A splash here fund a dash there, presenting views
  Of nucleus of venerable attenuation of skeletons,
  Damp dark commingle with laser flavour colours in a bout,
  The power in waves transformed curves alive,
  In practice of the occult, evergreen vision on screens;
  The spirit-fay on the bark of Iroko,
  Entangling themselves in limn haphazard liquid manner,
  Chorusing in their parasitic wail:
  You won't go until you bless me.
  The wizard tore deep into the belly of denizen,
  And offer sacks of intestine, pancreas and spleen,
  Liver and heart on thorns of kernels, 
  Including a farrago of feeze, symbolism of shaggy
  The ragged cupboard of labourer’s model,
  Hole infested trusted rusted metals bind tight with
  And rope of twirling circles,
  Tin filled up to shed.