In the Light of the Moon

Written by: Michael Todd

In the light
    of the Moon
there are lots
    of shadows and shades
and I know even more now
    that ours is a love that never fades.
With the light of the Moon
    beaming down
true love
    is easily found.
It's glow
    on our faces
uncovers our smiles
    especially after you traveled
for so many miles.
How I have wanted
    to hold you
under this light
    for many months now
and it's finally happened,
    my prayers and tears answered.
We stood and stared,
    first at the Moon,
then around the surreal landscape
    and finally at each other.
I'll never forget
    your face,
    your smile,
    your hugs
and listening
    to our hearts beating
    by the still waters
in the light of the Moon.