The Woman In The Mirror

Written by: Lisa Youssef

I look into the morror at this woman 
Who's drowned in tears for freedom
Freedom from inner pain
That has seized her with chains
Seized her for too many years
And now she wants to disappear

I dry her tears and comfort her
Telling everything will be better
Everything will soon change
All she needs is some courage
Courage to face and stand
'Cause change lies in her hands

She wants to fly away
Make a new life there and stay
Where she can get rid of her pain and anger
Where she can be happy forever
But she thinks she won't be able to make it
'Cause pain is forbidding her to stand on her feet

She wants to live no more
'Cause nothing is left to live for
If she can't be happy then why to live
In life she no more believes
She knows nothing is going to be alright
And to die she has made up her mind

But i hold her back and ask for patience
And that soon she will see the difference
Though i know she's right and i'm wrong
All i'm trying is to make her strong
But the truth i just can't ignore
Got to let it go, can't fool myself no more