The Three Things I am Proud to Be

Written by: Wiseton Prins

How glad I am 
That a poet, novelist and artist
Are all I am

When I’m sad, I can strum it on a guitar
When I’m depressed, I can set my stress free in words
When I’m inspired, I can plaster it in the pages I author
When I’m creative, I can paint my heart on a canvas
When I’m disturbed, I can smudge it on yet another canvas
I can’t imagine anything that’d be better
For again, my reward comes in knowing 
All else of this earth I live comes and goes ease on the wings of change... riding the breeze of fate

Thank you All Mighty Powers responsible for my being
For this talent you’ve given me
For with it I’m not worried like a celebrity
...if I’m a one hit wonder
And I don’t wonder if tomorrow I’ll still be a wonder
For in tomorrow is the promise that a scholar bound to pass over my works and evaluate its worth

Thank you Almighty 
For the immortality of words
Tunes change and movies fade
But words always remain the same
In it what this one doesn’t see
The other one is bound to see
And from it yet another is bound to be inspired
Such is an awesome power
And  for as long as I live
It’s mastery is what I seek

A poet, a novelist, an artist
The three things I’m so proud to be

As of now I have none
But I’m never worried about the cash
For even God knows that I work indeed
And soon I trust He’ll send destiny to reward me
For still I am like Him
Creating life where it didn’t exist
Inscribing life into each blank page
Endearing beauty to a plain canvas
Adding sweetness to a silent time

Oh, thank you Almighty
How proud I feel 
Whenever I glimpse and see the real me