Visual Melodies

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

Fresh evergreens stand beside
A crisply clear slow moving brook
Reflections of minnows glitter
In the midday sun’s warm look

Bare branches began to don
The tiny green leaves of spring
Nature’s ring of promise encircles
The earth with an array of floral bling

Exquisite beauty peeks through
The smallest opening of vision
Rainbow colors expose themselves
As sky born hues made with precision

A willow tree has greened and
Tips to weep into the brook
Providing a sultry place for the 
Mallards to create a safe nook

All eyes have rested upon a scene
A four by four swatch of land
Possessing a great beauty from the
Multi colored seas to its albacore sands

People are gardens of luscious fruits
Solely crafted by the master’s hand of grace
Like precious oil sticks of incense whose aromas 
Rise, as Heavens Holy fire ignites our inner space

Burn Bright
With His light

Carole Cookie Arnold