Empire Come

Written by: Wiseton Prins

I am indeed the Prince of a Dream
For the reality is but a matchbox house in the State of Ordinary
The past was worse, so I appreciate the much I have
I’ve won a number of battles against poverty
	So I have learnt a lesson and two about Faith and Prosperity
I am now preparing to wage an all out war
	I have to exterminate all the mosquitoes of doubt from my mind
		For each with their micro stings
			Infest me with the mediocrity disease

I am the Prince indeed
I may not have a kingdom to inherit
	But that does not mean I will not be a future king
	For history has taught me	
		That empires have been built in the battle fields
			Where the weaker must bleed as the weakest perish
Hence to all the vices of mediocrity and pessimism
Pick up your swords and armour
For I have had enough of you causing my disasters
	Let us meet in The Battlefield of Achievements	
		...and see who shall conquer
I am the Prince I say
...and this after the battle I am sure you shall proclaim
	For the world will need to know that I waged war on you and won

My past will not determine who I will be
My world cannot be without a king
	So take it that this is the beginning of history
	In my heart is a dream that you must live to see
	It shall be a reality of prosperity for all with honest dreams
		For of how I will defeat you I will draw blueprint
		Everyone who shall wish to triumph over poverty
			...shall receive The Blueprint for free
Never again in the future I dream
Shall the vices of Poverty, Pessimism and Mediocrity
	...be allowed to roam free
Prosperity in every means
	...is the only Reality that will be allowed to exist