People in our life

Written by: Dana Oraibi

We meet many people throughout our life
That we care about and love 
People we don’t want to lose
That cause us a shock at times
Also causing us disappointment and hurt 
Sometimes we wonder why this happens
Sometimes we lose our faith in people
Promising ourselves not to trust again
But then we move on
Meeting new people that help us go on

There’s a lesson behind every pain
There’s an experience that we always gain
A message within every person we meet
A purpose in everything in life
Everything happens for a reason
That’s something we all should believe in
I learned that after all I’ve been through

I’m glad  I met the people that I met
With no regrets,
I thank them for the experience
Now I know who to trust
Now I know who to believe
I know who cares about me
And so I feel great relief