A Slave to Solitary

Written by: Larry McMillan Jr.

A Slave To Solitary From youth till present, solitary has kept me its slave, Protecting me from reality by hiding me in its dark cave. No one can fathom my understanding, nor break the surface of my heart. No one can rationalize or relate to the stubbornness of my minds chart. There’s no evidence of affection nor signs of dignity - My soul has shown another. Instead I tread in a bottomless pool of depravity. I didn’t choose to be cruel. Darkness adopted me. Blind and naked I sought love… Oh so desperately! But I’m a slave to solitary. Keep your distance from me My habitat is at a realm that defies gravity. I confide in the boundaries. Letting no one enter my domain. Less darkness consume you and the heavy rains inflict great pain. In finality I am obliged to remain In this dark cave. For solitary is expecting me to remain a loyal slave.