Down a Long And Lonely Road

Written by: Michael Jordan

I guess when memories of the past, 
       never seem to fade or pass, 
       we find ourselves left walking ,
       down a long and lonely road.
You know each step, which we take
       is another candle on the cake,
       as the years become minutes in a day.
The quicker they seem to pass us by,
	the more clouds we see in the sky,
	reminding us of someone we once loved.
I never dreamed I would be 23,
	now I’m 50 and look at me,
	happy as a wrangler riding on a horse.
It appears I have survived it all,
	every brick in every wall,
	regardless of the trials and the test.
In the end what matters most,
	we never let our pride become the host,
	we must forever see the errors in our ways.
To forgive doesn’t mean we forget,
	it simply means we regret,
	the course of action we were forced to take.
Me, I’ve made  all of my amends,
	apologized to enemy’s as well as friends,
	not to mention all of ladies I once loved.
Even to those who broke my heart,
	those who tore it into little parts,
	over things, which I would never do.
I ask them all and I’m forgiven,
	now I’m free to continue living,
	this life the Lord has planned for me.
Trust me friends these words are true,
	to be forgiven for what you didn’t do,
	truly is a feeling, which stands all by itself.
In the end, I guess it matters not,
	who’s forgiven and who forgot,
	that right and wrong is a two way street.
I reckon that’s all I have to say,
	for those I love I shall forever pray,
	they never find themselves walking,
	down a long and lonely road.