The essence of belief

Written by: shams alsaidi

I have heard it over and over again, "What God may allow all this pain?"
Consumed up by misery, need and grief, they come to an end with their belief.
If they look deeper in their dubious heart, and begin to absorb life from the start
They'd know that God has crafted life, for us to believe, feel and strive 

Life of comfort, relief and ease, doesn’t always trigger an inner peace
Only the ones who work and reach,  truly stroll along happiness beach!
God has put life as a challenging test, and guided us to do our ultimate best
HE never meant us to suffer and lose, he just gives us ways and asks us to choose.

If all the clouds get out of sight, how would we exult the bliss of light!
Or how we would value the days of rest, if not with fatigue we get possessed. 
As much as we crave life's joyful side, its recurrent sadness we need to abide.
For seeing life through black lenses, will make us with time lose our senses!

The essence of belief is to always accept, whatever for you God has given or kept
No matter how bitter the present seems, or how much with pain the world screams
God only knows what the days hide, don't  get deluded by the outside 
Believe in Him, let your heart dare, for He always around and forever there!