will never love another so true

Written by: john. M diketane

I long years frm now to love so true as I do you.
To embark each day as a journey deep into our
Love as if I had fallen a new.
To speak each word without pause or caution
Letting my heart take over with every breath I utter.
To sit here and wonder is a crime to heaven if 
My soul could ever love another.
To make love spirtual each time our bodies bend 
To worship, each stroke a praise sung by ur very lips.
Feeling your breasts upon my chest and hand caressing your hips. 
Oh the endless motion rising as we fall like waves
Gently dancing upon the shore.
Does love and sin know pleasure or do I pleasure making love through this sin, this I am not sure. $
But what my heart, my being and my soul knw to be true.
Is that with the memory of the notion of each motion my entire being will never love another as I do you.