Who Will You Be

Written by: Tirzah Conway

I find myself idly wondering about you,
who will you become when you grow up. 
Will you be a  fireman or a sailor
or  cowboy like your Grandpa Frank.
Will you cry when you fall down,
or tough it out like Daddy does.
Are you going to grow tall and strong, 
will you be happy in life…
Are you going to come out of childhood
covered from head to toe in scars, like me.
Will you be able to get back on your pony 
when he bucks you off. Will you like
horses, like me and Grandma, or 
motorcycles, like Daddy and Papa Jim.
Will you be outspoken or shy, the top
of your class or the bottom.
Are you going to conquer life 
with your head held high with pride.
Who will you be…

~For Catie's Free Verse Frenzy~